Released 23 October 2022
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ New structures (graveyard, fossils, flying islands)
+ Beep block with adjustable pitch, alarm, howler alarm
+ The world is automatically saved every 10 seconds (the interval can be set with a console command)
+ Some structures have stone vases that drop random loot or spawn a monster
+ A bunch of sounds added (still incomplete though)
* Caves can go up to the surface
* Ocean water color depends on the type of the ocean
* Mobs wont move too far up from the spawn unless they are attacking or running away
* Fixed ambient sounds jittering when strafing
* Fixed lighting errors on chunk edges
* Fixed explosions in unloaded chunks
* Falling blocks deal damage
* Logic cables and machines are properly saved and loaded
* Universal pipes respect round-robin for each type of items
* It is no longer possible to spawn in a dangerous biome or in the middle of a dungeon
* Hostile mobs spawn rate adjusted a bit
* Maximum default damage doubled
* Changed the way the gain of a sound source is calculated based on distance
* Lots of other changes
Released 25 September 2022
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Roughly half (~300 out of ~600) of all sound effects implemented (all mob and machine sounds plus some others)
+ Various new items and blocks (chain, soap, obsidian sword, steel hammer and spade, silver vine, clover, hemlock, tree mushroom, four-leaf clover, coral blocks, smouldering block, lichen, cryolite, pack of cookies, box of cookies, baked beans block, ice cream)
* Inertial movement reworked
* Monster spawners reworked
* Monster spawn rate and rules adjusted
* Minor lighting fixes
* Satiation reworked
+ About 30 new blocks
+ About 50 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 16 February 2022
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Electricity (cables, energy cells, generator, engine, solar panels, wind turbine etc.)
+ Electric machines and tools
+ Ejection pipe upgrades
+ New liquids and gases
+ New explosives: dynamite, TNT, RDX
+ Plastic and carbon fibre
+ New machines and recipes
+ Waste barrel
+ Reinforced glass
+ Hard hat and safety vest
* Reworked fuel values, recipe costs, machine speeds, containers etc.
* Armor toughness and food satiation are shown in the tooltip
* Fixed some inconsistencies in fluid recipes
* Adjusted size, flammability and blast resistance of some items and blocks
* Fixed recipes involving jam
* Fixed game rules in singleplayer
* Animal cooldowns reworked
* Cocoa beans, coconuts and bananas can be fertilized
* Pulverizing leaves makes saplings
* Adjuested resmelting recipes
* Watering cans can be filled in a bucket filler
* Digester now accepts most foods
+ Over 170 new blocks (over 6000 in total)
+ Over 170 new recipes (over 7000 in total)
+ Over 70 new quests (over 400 in total)
* Lots of other changes
Released 22 November 2021
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Server password
+ New console commands and game rules
+ Readme file with basic info and console commands list.
+ New mega-structures and bosses
* Some polishing in the launcher
* Most console commands can also be used on the server
* Explosions fixed
* Mega-structures generation reworked
* More special abilities for bosses and other mobs
* Ranged mobs will melee attack if target is too close
* Mob behavior reworked
* Spawners reworked
* Rope ladders can extend down without a solid block behind
* Item damage type is shown in tooltip
* Extra nutrition is not lost, but is added to satiation
* Players can't take damage faster than every 500 ms
* Can make rope from reeds
* Fluid mechanics improved
* LWJGL updated to 3.3.0
* Java updated to 17.0.1
* Lots of other changes
Released 4 November 2021
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ New quests, including secret quests (over 320 in total)
+ Reward bags
+ Barbed wire
+ Dye crops
+ New biomes: ash desert and crag
+ Logic gates (not, or, and, nor, nand, xor, xnor, diode, switch, pulse generator, synchronizer, counter, toggle latch, transparent latch, rs latch, delay, timer, sequencer, randomizer, cable crossing)
+ Insulated and bundled logic cables
+ Storage rack
+ Signs and large signs for each type of wood, colored signs and large signs
+ Item, fluid, gas and stream distributors
+ Tinted glass
+ Caps
+ Bog iron
* Reworked quest rewards (tokens are still unusable for now)
* Straw beds don't change the spawn point
* Normal poison can't deal fatal damage
* Status effects don't stack
* Mobs drop loot only if killed by a player, fire, explosion, hazardous blocks or fall damage
* Mob drops are different if the mob was killed with fire
* Some mobs have damage resistances and natural armor
* Some bosses have special abilities
* Can empty crafting table with Shift+drag
* Stone can be made into rocks, rocks can be thrown
* Monster meat can be dried
* Mob spawn rate rebalanced
* Walking on tarmac is 25% faster
* Some biomes have variants with different elevations (makes the world a bit flatter on average)
* Metal ores occasionally come in large veins
* Mud, dung and slime are slightly slippery
* Fixed some recipes involving designed items
* Can right-click candles with candles of the same color to put up to 4 of them in one tile
* Burning projectiles can ignite gunpowder kegs and start fires
* More bouncy and fall damage negating blocks
* Can grow ivy, vines, river cane, sugar cane and kelp using fertilizer
* All chests, door and trapdoors can be locked (with a lock an a key), metal doors and trapdoors can only be opened with a logic signal
- Removed cupboards, drawers and aluminium furniture, signs and item frames
- Removed lockable and mechanical doors and trapdoors
+ About 550 new blocks
+ Over 400 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 3 August 2021
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Status effects (poison, nausea, hunger, slowness, weakness, blindness)
+ Hostile mobs (ghoul, gobblers, imp, mummy, phantom knight, skeleton, slimes, spectre, spiders, troll, vex, wraith, yeti)
+ Traps, spawners and loot in structures
+ Bosses in mega-structures
+ Over 50 structures including dungeons and variations
+ Slate castle mega-structure
* Player stats are shown while in inventory
* Crosshair reworked
* Fixed edible blocks
* The moon, the sun and stars are invisible during bad weather
* Fixed pressure plates, tripwire hooks and logic cables
* Structure generation frequency reworked
+ Over 50 new items/blocks
* Lots of other changes
Released 1 May 2021
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Potato chips, pancakes, ground meat, hamburger, cheeseburger
* Mobs and players stop being on fire if it's raining
* Spikes can be put on walls
* Dye mixing recipes reworked
* Explosives can blow up if on fire
* Explosives set off other explosives in the radius
* Block breaker and block activator no longer require a tool to operate
* Refactoring and performance improvements
* Fixed sunlight calculation
* The game is paused while in game menu (only in singleplayer)
* Lots of other changes
Released 23 February 2021
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Weather (rain and snow, depends on the biome)
+ Console command: weather on/off (toggle weather)
+ Saltpeter ore, saltpeter (fertilizer)
+ Gunpowder, gunpowder keg (tier 1 explosive)
* Players can no longer be spawned in a cave at the start
* Fixed teleport/respawn in unloaded areas in multiplayer
* Item tooltip shows nutrition for edible items and energy content for fuels
* Improvements and fixes in recipe search and machine UI
* Gas lamps no longer use gas
* Can bounce on rubber blocks and slime blocks
* No fall damage from landing on wool and canvas blocks
* Some redundant recipes removed
* Blocks now have blast resistance
* Various performance improvements and fixes
* Lots of other changes
Released 2 February 2021
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ New biomes: alpine, cherry blossom grove, dark oak wetland grove, eucalyptus grove, muskeg, pasture, sahel, tropical forest and valley (over 70 biomes in total now)
+ New trees: eucalyptus, mahogany, sakura
+ Animal breeding and babies
+ Quest system with some initial quests and work-in-progress rewards
+ Blackboard
+ Office table
+ Refactory brick timber framing
+ Sink and toilet (decorative)
+ Maple syrup
+ Starch and glue
+ Hooves and antlers
+ Campfire
+ Automatic design table
+ Luminous buttons and toggle buttons
+ Skull
+ Seashells
+ Signposts
+ Mossy slabs, stairs, bricks slabs, brick stairs and walls for all types of stone
+ Universal pipes
+ Heavy-duty backpack
+ Lighter
+ Squeegee (removes paint)
+ Straw bed
+ Grate (lets item go through)
+ Metal spikes
+ Chiseled glass blocks and glass panes
+ Block sequencer
+ Clock and pocket watch
+ Gravestones (drop random loot when broken)
+ Warning panels
* Throwing eggs spawns baby chickens (1 in 8 chance)
* Candles are now infinite and can be colored
* Porcelain pots, large pots and tile rooves can be colored
* Canvas shirts, trousers and backpacks can be colored
* Ocean generation reworked
* Quick building tool now also works outside of sandbox mode and can be crafted
* Non-QWERTY keyboards should work properly for text input
* Glass panes reworked
* Nearby players are shown on the minimap
* Combustion and gas engines produce carbon dioxide
+ Over 870 new items/blocks
+ Over 980 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 27 December 2020
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Naturally generated structures: temples, towers, ruins, dungeons etc. (about 60 types)
+ Procedurally generated castles
+ Brick timber framing
+ Fat, tallow and pemmican
+ Matches
+ Salt ore
+ Reinforced hazmat suit set
+ Canvas mask
+ Target board (emits logic signal when hit with a projectile)
+ Treasure chests (contain random loot)
+ A backpack can be equipped and opened with a 'B'
+ Damage resistance values are shown in the tooltip
* Particle/entity physics reworked
* Snowballs, dung and eggs can be thrown
* Back face culling (theoretically improves performance)
* Machines and inventories are correctly copied and saved/loaded to/from structure files
* Mob behavior fixed
* Hitting mobs and players pushes them back slightly
* Mobs can't jump over fences, fence gates and stone walls
* Flammable liquids can be set on fire
* Cavern generation reworked
* Signs, item frames and target board can be attached to fences and stone walls
+ Over 60 new items/blocks
+ Over 100 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 26 October 2020
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Biomes: oil fields, oil sands, badlands, desert hills, canyon, jungle hills
* Fjords biome reworked
+ Oil, petrol and other liquids
+ Oil shale, oil sand, granite sand
+ Natural gas, propane and other gases
+ Machines: compressor, enrichment chamber, fluid separator, gas separator, gas liquefier, fluid reformer, gas reformer, chemical reprocessor, gasification chamber, canning machine, combustion engine, gas engine
+ Multiblock machines: industrial fluid and gas tanks, industrial steam boiler and turbine, fluid refinery
+ Rubber, galvanized steel, graphite
+ Hazmat suit and trousers, gas mask, rubber boots
+ Signs, writing on an empty warning sign
+ Roof eaves
+ Canned food
+ Ore yield trippling
+ Scarecrows (can wear armor like armor stands)
+ Gas lamp
+ Office chair
+ Press F5 to see chunk borders
+ Separate section for UI settings
* Cutting trees with an axe breakes the whole tree
* Random world seeds are more random
* Salads and stews can stack
* Player skin is shown on the inventory screen
+ Over 160 new items/blocks
+ Over 250 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 10 August 2020
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ More default skins to choose from
+ Quick building tool (sandbox only)
+ Selection tool for selecting blocks (sandbox only)
+ Console command: copy (Copies selected blocks into clipboard)
+ Console command: cut [replace_with] (Cuts selected blocks into clipboard)
+ Console command: paste (Pastes blocks from clipboard)
+ Console command: save (Saves selected blocks into a file)
+ Console command: load (Loads blocks from a file into clipboard)
+ Console command: set (Replaces all selected blocks)
+ Console command: flip x (Flips selected blocks along x axis)
+ Console command: flip z (Flips selected blocks along z axis)
+ Console command: replace (Replaces blocks in the selection)
+ Asphalt, fibre cement, corrugated aluminium, bitumen felt
+ Steam power: steam pipes, boiler, steam turbine, steam engine
+ Tarmac and road markings
+ Aluminium sliding door, mechanical door and trapdoor
+ Lockable chest, door, trapdoor; key, key template
+ Canister filler and emptier
+ Gas vent, steam vent
+ Hand crank
+ Hydrolic press, extractor, crucible
+ Sloped rooves
+ Block detector, block change detector
+ Fluid, gas and steam detectors
+ Relay, screwdriver (for adjusting relay interval)
+ Spile (for collecting sticky resin)
+ Safe (can only be opened by its owner)
+ Over 160 new items/blocks
+ Over 180 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 6 July 2020
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ New machines: item dropper, item detector
+ Tripwire hook
+ Backpacks
+ Crate storage upgrades
+ Crate lock upgrade (locks crate to a certain item type)
+ Chiseled stone and metal slabs and stairs
+ Watering can (waters farmland and puts out fires)
+ Damage/regeneration numbers
+ Smoke particles
+ Console command: seed (show current world seed)
* Cardboard boxes, crates, and fluid and gas tanks can be picked up without losing stuff inside
* Coal, charcoal and coke blocks stay on fire forever
+ Over 150 new items/blocks
+ Over 350 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 16 May 2020
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ !!Fire!!
+ Clothes and armor: canvas/denim shirt and trousers, pith helmet, cowboy hat, leather, copper, iron, bronze and steel armor
+ Armor stand
+ Roller brush for coloring planks, concrete, wool, lamps, furniture and other blocks
+ More decorative blocks
+ Over 250 new items/blocks
+ Over 350 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 17 March 2020
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ New machines: condenser, pump, digester, liquid furnace, gas furnace, magma furnace, block activator, block breaker, block placer
+ Crates (store large quantities of the same item)
+ Stone thrones
+ Colored paper lanterns
+ Fertilizer
+ Sliding paper door
* Tools have durability and can be fixed in an anvil
* Gas canisters can store variable amounts of gas
+ Over 130 new items/blocks
+ 140 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 1 March 2020
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ Animals: camel, chicken, cow, deer, duck, goat, horse, penguin, pheasant, pig, rabbit, seagull, sheep, zebra
+ Animal interactions: feeding, luring, milking cows and goats, shearing sheep
+ Combat
+ Feeding trough, hopper, fish trap
+ Colored lamps (can be turned on and off with logic signals)
* Lanterns and paper lanterns can be turned on and off with logic signals
* Lava melts snow and ice, destroys items
+ 70 new items/blocks
+ Over 100 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 30 January 2020
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ New machines: distillery, squeezer, automatic crafting table, item filter, bucket filler and bucket emptier
+ Fluid and gas tanks, gas canisters
+ Item, fluid and gas pipes, item sorting, fully automated crafting/processing
+ Basic circuitry: logic cables, buttons, levers, pressure plates
+ Stained glass
+ New biome: giant mushroom forest
* Water rendering changed
* Crock pot, distillery and alloy furnace no longer use fuel. Instead they require a fueled advanced furnace to be placed underneath
+ Over 350 new items/blocks
+ Over 400 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 29 December 2019
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
+ In-game menu
* Most settings moved from the launcher to the in-game menu
+ Health, hunger, eating and starving
+ Damage (starvation, falling, suffocation, drowning, void etc.) and death
+ Lots of new edible items, cooking recipes etc.
* The game now starts with sandbox mode disabled (use the console to enable it)
+ Game console and chat
+ Console command: sandbox on/off (toggle sandbox mode)
+ Console command: time <t> (set current time to <t> in-game minutes)
+ Console command: time add <t> (add <t> in-game minutes to current time)
+ Console command: teleport [who] <where> (teleports player to another player of X Z Y location)
+ Console command: clear (clear console screen)
+ Double flowers (peony, tansy, lavender, hortensia, phloxes)
+ Beehives
+ Sitting in chairs and on sofas, sleeping in beds
+ Over 100 new items/blocks
+ Over 150 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 20 October 2019
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
* Performance optimizations
* Better doors and trapdoors
+ Best tool/harvestability is shown when looking at a block
+ Recipe/usage search
+ Decorative variants for stone, metal, wood and concrete
+ Scaffolding
+ Paper walls and lanterns
+ Natural springs/waterfalls
+ Porcelain, coke, quicklime, slag, paper pulp, lye
+ Cupboards, drawers and sofas
+ Metal furniture, item frames, fences and fence gates
+ Copper, bronze, iron and steel tools
+ Spinning machine
+ Steel and pig iron
+ Crock pot
+ Reinforced concrete
+ More pots, large pots
+ Carved pumpkin, jack o'lantern
+ Rope, rope coil, rope fence, rope ladder
+ Canvas and denim
+ Fire pits
+ Cardboard and cardboard box
+ Coke oven
+ Blast furnace
+ More rugs
+ Warning signs
+ Design table
+ Advanced windmill
+ Brick oven, drying rack, salting barrel (with no recipes yet)
+ Carrot, potato, beet, corn, sunflower, tomato, beans and hemp
+ Over 550 new items/blocks
+ Over 300 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 04 August 2019
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
* Game window can be resized
* Half-blocks can be placed vertically
* Day-night cycle is 20% longer
* Performance optimizations
* Particles work properly in multiplayer
+ More particle effects
+ New crop: cotton
+ Metal bars, doors, trapdoors, bricks, half-blocks, stairs and paneling blocks
+ Stone walls and pedestals
+ Wooden trapdoors
+ Furniture and decorative blocks: tables, chairs, nightstands, carpets, shelves, bookshelves, cupboards, beds, lanterns, candles, item frames, trash cans, cauldrons, barrels and clay pots
+ New machines: sawmill, wood burner, alloy furnace, presser
+ Item search
+ Over 800 new items/blocks
+ About 1500 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 23 April 2019
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
* Saplings become trees
* World generation tweaks
+ Smelting
+ Pulverizing
+ Mechanical power generation and transmission
+ Dyes, color mixing and colored blocks
+ Minimap
+ Over 700 new items/blocks
+ Over 1300 new recipes
* Lots of other changes
Released 18 March 2019
! Saved worlds are incompatible with previous versions
* Improved world generation
* Oceans are larger and less common
* Water changes color based on depth
* Different types of stone generate underground
* Rivers can cut through hills and cliffs
* Improved performance
+ Ravines, islands, lakes, caverns
+ New biomes: volcano, oasis, iceberg and salt lake desert
+ Lava
+ Stalactites, stalagmites, crystals and other cavern related things
+ Ores, gems, metals, and other mineable things
+ About 250 new blocks and items (over 750 in total)
+ Crafting (over 800 recipes) and storage
* Lots of other changes
Released 01 February 2019
Initial release