Elsewhere is a game about exploration, crafting, building, mining, farming, processing, fighting monsters and eventually other things as well.
Current version: 0.2.5
Released: 6 September 2023
Changelog | Roadmap
Elsewhere features large procedurally generated world with over 70 biomes. Players can explore the world, place and remove blocks, build machines and other things, gather and process resources, farm crops, collect fruits and berries, hunt and tend to animals, and explore ruins, temples and castles, fight monsters, avoid traps and collect loot. There are over 6000 blocks and over 8000 recipes. The game supports LAN multiplayer.
What is done
- Game engine
- Windows launcher (Linux is supported, but w/o its own launcher)
- Multiplayer (LAN)
- Procedural world generation
- Biomes (over 70 types)
- Sub-biomes, rivers, oceans, cliffs, lakes, islands and ravines
- Caverns, ores, gems and oil deposits
- Plants (trees, shrubs, weeds, flowers, seeds, fruits, berries, crops, sea plants etc.)
- Corals and mushrooms
- Animals and monsters
- Combat
- Day/night cycle and weather
- Torches and lighting system
- Tools, weapons, armor, explosives
- Soils and rocks
- Fluids and gases
- Electricity
- Hundreds of building and decorative blocks (over 6000 blocks total)
- Farming and food
- Sandbox mode (invulnerability, blocks break instantly, flight, block copying, infinite inventory)
- Crafting, processing, machines and storage (over 8000 recipes total)
- Mini-map
- World editing tools
- Naturally generated structures with monsters, traps and treasure
- Quest system

More info in the changelog.
What is not done
- Sound (partially implemented) and music

More info in the roadmap.
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System requirements: Windows 7+ or Linux, PC able to handle a modern 3D game, 4GB RAM or more. Integrated graphics cards may not work.
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