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What's new in 0.9.3
October 27th, 2016

- Storage yard, marketplace, road, roadblock and stone tiles have been redrawn.

(Click to enlarge)

- You can now delete save files by selecting a saved game in the Load Game menu and pressing Delete.

- Your culture is now shown in the name of the save file (only works with games saved in 0.9.3).

- A few achievements have been fixed.

- A rare freeze in map generation has been fixed.

- Smite ability apparently didn't work at all, it's fixed now.

- Sea access option used to toggle between on and off on its own.

- Big change: resource distribution algorithm has been rewritten and now has built-in priorities. Fox example you will no longer wait for planks to get delivered to the fletcher's shop while they are being used up by carpenter's shops. Peddler's have higher priority than marketplaces and so on.

And for the Halloween:

- New title screen:


- Witches! Witch spawns if the witch hut is attacked and brings wolves and spiders with her. Also, she can heal her allies.


- Vampires! Vampire is one of the most powerful creatures in the game. It can teleport, restore its health when dealing damage and is resistant to both magical and physical weapons. Vampire commands an army of ghosts.

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