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What's new in 0.8.6
May 20th, 2016

There's been a lot of things going on: I fixed my computer (one of the hard drives was dying) and in the process managed to lose my DropBox folder (!), luckily it was just backups, but it was kind of scary:)

Also I've been to Germany (way to see Hearthlands architecture in person), visited my sister (who made German translation for the game) and brought a bunch of components to build a new PC, which will allow me to properly record more letsplays and stuff (if I don't mess it up).

In case you've missed it, here's a new trailer of the game:

And here's what's new in the new update:

- Several building have been redrawn: tax office, peddler's tent, apothecary, constabulary, town hall, temple, minstrel's guild, library, manor and estate.

Since minstrel's guild now has a different size it disappears from the map when you load a game saved in 0.8.5 or older.

New vs old:

(Click to enlarge)

- Also high-appeal road now looks more fancy.

A number of decorative objects added (most of them increase appeal):

- Bench. The bench rotates automatically to face the road.

- Garden crate.

- Garden.

- Metal fence (works the same as wooden fence and let's monsters in as well).

- Stone tiles.

- Canals and canal bridges. Canals are 3x3 tiles and only connect to each other on a 3x3 tile grid. Canal bridge must be built between two canal pieces (press R to rotate it) and it counts as a road. Enemies can use canal bridges too.




(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

- Fixed bug (hopefully) with enemies getting stuck under gatehouses.

- Character screen now shows damage value correctly according to character's level.

- Invaders now have greater range and are less likely to hang out on the edge of the map (which isn't necessarily good).

- A number of other fixes.

I'm also in the process of migrating to LWJGL 3, which will improve a few things, but there's a lot to rewrite so it'll have to wait until one of the next updates.

Savegames from 0.8.5 are compatible with 0.8.6 (don't forget to rebuild your minstrel's guilds though).

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