Elsewhere is a game about exploration, crafting, building, mining and eventually other things as well.
Current version: 0.0.4
Released: 04 August 2019
Elsewhere features large procedurally generated world with over 50 biomes. Players can explore the world, place and remove blocks, build windmills and other things, process resources, farm wheat, collect fruits and berries and dive for pearls. Survival aspects are not yet implemented. The game supports LAN multiplayer.
What is done
- Game engine
- Windows launcher (Linux is supported, but w/o its own launcher)
- Multiplayer (LAN)
- Procedural world generation
- Biomes (over 50 types)
- Sub-biomes, rivers, oceans, cliffs, lakes, islands and ravines
- Caverns, ores and gems
- Plants (trees, shrubs, weeds, seeds, fruits, berries, crops, sea plants etc.)
- Corals and mushrooms
- Day/night cycle
- Torches and lighting system
- Tools (one set for now)
- Soils and rocks
- Liquids (only water for now)
- Some building blocks and other misc. blocks
- Farming (only wheat for now)
- Sandbox mode (blocks break instantly, flight, block copying, infinite inventory)
- Crafting and storage
- Mini-map
What is not done
- Survival aspects: health, hunger etc.
- Structures
- Rest of crops
- Armor, weapons and more tools
- Mobs (monsters and animals)
- More machines, automation, logic etc.
- Weather
- More blocks and items
- In-game menu, console and manual
- Achievements
- Sound and music
- Mac OS launcher, proper Linux launcher
Get your DRM-free copy now:
You will also get a Steam key once the game is released on Steam.
System requirements: Windows 7+, a PC able to handle a modern 3D game, 4GB RAM or more. Integrated graphics cards may not work.
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