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Current version: 1.3.0.
Released June 26, 2021

Buy the game now and get DRM-free builds for Windows, Mac and Linux
as well as all of the updates and a Steam key.

Hearthlands is available on Steam:

You can also get it on GOG.

Or Humble Store.

Implemented features

  • Build a medieval city;
  • Play the game the way you like it: experiment with sandbox settings or try to survive in a harsh environment;
  • Keep your people happy by providing them with necessary resources and services;
  • Gather resources, produce goods and build industries;
  • See reports and tune up the economy;
  • Build an army and protect your city from monsters and invasions;
  • Trade and conduct diplomacy with neighboring realms, or go to war with them;
  • Magic!;
  • Achievements;
  • English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian and Russian localizations.

Known issues

  • The game doesn't work with NVidia driver 378.49. You can get a fix here.
  • Integrated graphics cards (like Intel HD Graphics 4000) may not work (latest drivers are highly recommended)
  • Installing the game in Program Files folder is not recommended (saves may not work)

System requirements

  • 64 bit Windows/Mac OS X 10.9+/Linux operating system
  • 2 GB RAM or more
  • Open GL 1.4 compatible video adapter
  • Integrated graphics cards (like Intel HD Graphics 4000) may not work (latest drivers are highly recommended)
  • At least 1024x600 screen resolution (1920x1080 is recommended)

End user license agreement

Please make sure to read the EULA.
By downloading, installing and/or playing the game you agree with the terms of the End user license agreement.

Basically, what I ask is:

Please do:

  • download, install and play the game
  • write articles about the game, make videos and monetize them if you want
  • tell me what you like/dislike about the game, report bugs and suggest features

Please don't:

  • distribute the game, its assets or anything I've made, and/or charge money for it
  • decompile the game (there's no protection or anything, so it would be a waste of time)



  • Java Runtime Environment is included within the game, so you don't need to install Java manually.
  • Double-click hearthlands_1_3_0.exe (it is a self-extracting ZIP archive)
  • Pick a directory where you want Hearthlands to be installed (for example: "c:/games/")
  • Go to game directory
  • Double-click Hearthlands.exe

    If the game doesn't launch check the troubleshooting section


  • Double-click hearthlands_1_3_0.dmg
  • Follow the instructions
  • Eject Hearthlands image as you no longer need it
  • Launch Hearthlands from your Applications folder
  • Java should install automatically. If it didn't — open Terminal and type "java"

    If the system tells you that dmg file is damaged, you need to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and switch "Allow apps downloaded from" to "Anywhere". You can switch that back after the game is installed.


  • hearthlands_1_3_0.tag.gz contains hearthlands.sh, which you can use to launch the game

If you have troubles launching Hearthlands, please send me your system configuration, log.txt file (located in the game directory) and other details, so I can figure out what's wrong.

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