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What's new in 1.1.3
December 9th, 2017

Can you believe it?! It's been 3 years now since Hearthlands got greenlit on Steam and about 3.5 years since the development started in May 2014! Working on one big project for this long is hard, but there still are things I'd like to see in the game. I'd like to thank everybody who joined us in this journey and made this dream possible.

There's been a silent update with some changes to the Mac OS build, it seems to be working better now. Also, it comes bundled with JRE.

Russian language added! I used a fan translation by aNNiPAk, Nicodimus, LinXP and kathnox (thank you a lot!), added missing text and a bunch of editing. It still took much longer than I thought though, but it's finally here!

(Click to enlarge)

Items that aren't being accepted are now shown in darker font on the stockpile window.


Tribute values in mission 8 are fixed.

Extra spaces in Spanish translation are fixed.

Saturation option in Settings menu lets you change saturation of in-game objects and terrain (reload the game to apply).


(Click to enlarge)

Peaceful (mostly) victory! You can now build a Wonder, which takes a whole bunch of time and resources to complete, but if you manage to hold it for 10 years, you win the game. Neighboring cities become more aggressive while you're building it (unless they are set to Passive), so you need to make sure your defenses are up.

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Etienne on August 28th, 2018 at 20:41 said:

Is this the last update for hearthlands? :(

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