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What's new in 0.9.0
July 29th, 2016

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A big, big change, which I've been waiting a long time for - we've got new music! The main theme was re-recorded and expanded and there are two more peaceful themes and two combat themes. One of the combat themes is only played when you fight undead and it is even a bit scary.

I managed to persuade a good friend of mine to spend lots of time with me digging up our old songs and coming up with new ones, rewriting and recording them properly. There are several more songs in the works, so I hope we'll be able to add more music to the game in the next updates.

Military buildings were redrawn and now look even better. Several new buildings were added. From left to right: barracks, berserker barracks, war pig rider barracks, cleric barracks, horsemen barracks, armorer's shop, fletcher's shop, weaponsmith's shop, stables and war pig ranch.

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Every culture now has a special powerful unit! From right to left:


Southerners have horsemen, which are now unique to southerners but otherwise unchanged.

Northerners have berserkers, which lack any armor, but are fast, can throw axes and have a bonus against monsters. Berserker requires two axes and 4 loads of mead.

Westerners have clerics, which can heal friendly units, launch magic missiles with splash damage and do 50% more damage to undead. Cleric requires 2 loads of clothes and 2 loads of beer.

Easterners have war pig riders, which are well protected mounted archers. War pig rider requires a chainmail, a bow and a war pig (yep, that's a new resource).

New building: war pig ranch. Produces 4 war pigs a year and requires 6 loads of turnips per pig.

Other changes and improvements:

- Fixed possible crash when loading game saved in 0.8.6 or earlier.

- Fixed a number of typos.

- Healing spell now correctly uses percentages.

- Houses now have smaller stockpile which makes them react quicker to a change in resources availability.

- Destroying a dwelling will no longer make its inhabitants disappear.

- You can cast a second copy of a spell without clicking its button again.

- Added a popup window when mega construction finishes.

- Added credits window:


- Rewrote sounds/music engine, which became much more reasonable and also now uses compressed music. No more limit on the amount of sounds.

- Gardens have a proper appeal effect now.

- One load of logs is now required to build a stockade.

- Stone is now required for horsemen barracks and other special units.

- Fixed a bug with enemies getting stuck on a canal bridge.

- Some decorations became walkable, some gained HP value. No more defensive lines made of flowers (sorry, hippies).

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