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What's new in 0.8.7
June 22nd, 2016

Serveral buildings have been redrawn, including (mega constructions, stone walls, guard towers, watch towers, magic towers and gatehouses).

More variations for fancy trees and flower pots have been added.

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A bug with stone tiles has been fixed. Stone tiles can now be demolished properly.

Peddler's tents now have proper size (3x3). Note that all your peddler's tents will disappear when you load a game created in 0.8.6 or earlier. Make sure to rebuild them.

Abandoned mines now have a proper appeal after they've been restored.

More balance changes concerning difficulty and power ratings of monsters and characters.

Stocks panel has been changed and shows two numbers (or one if they are equal). The first number is a total amount of a resource in the city (excluding stored in peddler's tents, houses and apothecaries) that can be used immediately (as a gift for example). The second number includes resources that are reserved by a hauler or are being moved around. Resources that were put in peddler's tents and apothecaries are now counted as spent.

Logic of peddler's tents has been changed. Peddlers now target houses that lack resources available in the tent, which allows several peddlers to work in the same hosing block without interfering with each other. This also makes peddlers work better overall.

Resource focus. You can now click a resource in the stocks panel to 'lock it'. Locked resources won't be spent or traded away allowing you to create a temporary stockpile (for example to fulfill an outstanding request). This does not affect resources already in houses, peddler's tents and apothecaries or resources on their way there. Locked resources are still being moved around and delivered to workshops, but not used.


Overall difficulty calculation on New Game screen has been changed. Also 'Default' button has been added which resets the settings to default values (and 100% difficulty).


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