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What's new in 0.8.4
January 30th, 2016

You can now specify random seed when starting a new game (requested feature), so that you can play the same map again. If you leave the seed empty it will be generated randomly. You can see the current seed in the game menu (if the game was started after 0.8.4 update).

Fixed difficulty calculation depending on the amount of staring coins. Thanks for pointing that out.

Opponent's power now drops more significantly after they are defeated.

Trolls and ghosts should no longer wander into their dwellings, which used to make them invulnerable.

Barracks can now hold only one load of any weapon (or armor), which makes resource distribution between armorers and weaponsmiths more even.

Citizens can now spawn if your houses are level 3 or higher (another requested feature). They do nothing, just wander around along the roads, minding their own business. They can not be killed (otherwise one stray bogger would be able cover the streets with bodies within a few minutes).

Citizens can be either male:


Or female:


And the more advanced your houses are the better they dress up.


Immigrants and emigrants can now also be male or female.

A new title screen (work in progress):

(Click to enlarge)

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