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What's new in 0.8.1
December 3rd, 2015

This is mostly an improvements and fixes update.

- New texts added in 0.8.0 have been translated into Spanish (thanks, Joaquin!) and German. Also I fixed several typos people have pointed out.

- Divine Inspiration spell now doubles production rate (as it should) instead of halving it. I don't know about you, but this was quite funny:)

- Added option for automatically accepting resources (tributes, gifts, loot, etc.) without a pop-up window. Note that if there's no space in the stockpiles resources will be lost.

- Windows are now closed by pressing right mouse button (previously windows would close on release).

- Added effectiveness statistics for production buildings, which lets you see how well it performs and what may be the reason of low effectiveness. Note that at the moment effectiveness is being reset every year in January, so it is most accurate in December (because there is a full year of data to analyze). I may look into it again to make it more accurate throughout the year, but already it is quite helpful to see that your carpenter's lodge wasted 50% of time doing nothing because its furniture storage was full.

Here you can see that cider brewery doesn't have max effectiveness because it didn't have enough apples:


Carpenter's lodge here spent about a half of its time waiting for its furniture storage to clean up:


- Note that savefiles from 0.8.0 are compatible with 0.8.1 but you won't be able to see effectiveness data that would have been collected since the last January (obviously).

Meanwhile working on female avatars (one of the most requested features):



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1 comment on "What's new in 0.8.1"

ShaddaS on December 31st, 2015 at 20:35 said:

Thanks for the work, loving the images you post

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