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What's new in 0.7.2
August 22nd, 2015

- Castle! This is the first mega-building which requires a lot of resources (coins, stone, logs and iron) and is being constructed over time (at least a year if you have enough workers and resources).

(Click to enlarge)

- New buildings: wooden gatehouse and wooden guard tower. Wooden gatehouse has less HP and requires logs instead of stone and wooden guard tower does 50% less damage than the old one and also does require logs instead of stone.


- New NPC building: Abandoned mine with ghosts. Once you've defeated the ghosts you get a random mine (coal, iron or gold one).


- Goblins now have their own road, fence and flag.


- Sawmill now has an animated saw.


- Various typos and inaccuracies have been fixed.

- The rare bug with non-returning armies has been fixed.

- Most of the windows can now be closed with Esc key.

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1 comment on "What's new in 0.7.2"

Retro on August 26th, 2015 at 07:02 said:

keep up the awesome work, I am having a lot of fun with this and hope you guys keep adding new features and new details like what was done with the saw on the saw mill

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